Armored Cars BMW – Get Ready for Security!

February 13, 2013 at 09:49

It is not a secret that BMW company releases interesting cars for the very strange demands, thus today we were very much interested in the topic of the armored cars from that company. BMW High Security cars are more than 30 years in production and the company is proud to present the 4th generation of cars in its class. Thanks to their extensive experience, BMW provides proven and well-tested solutions to protect passengers in danger. In armored cars BMW embodies all the most modern engineering. It aims to ensure the highest level of protection using the latest technology and materials.

black armored BMW car

Image of the black armored BMW car

Factory of BMW Group Was Named the Best in Germany

February 11, 2013 at 09:58

BMW Group owns the best plant in Germany, which is in the town of Landshut. This conclusion was made by competent jury of Industrial Excellence Award – Best Factory in 2012, and they named division of the factory BMW, responsible for the production of plastic automotive exterior parts as the winner in 2012. The event was hosted by the Institute INSEAD (one of the largest and best-known business schools in the world) and the business magazine Wirtschaftswoche.

BMW cars at the BMW factory

Image of the BMW cars at the BMW factory

GINA Light from BMW: the New Philosophy

February 9, 2013 at 09:16

The BMW company is never standing at one place, and we and our readers get the proofs of that fact every day by reading the facts that this company is doing. It is no wonder that the German car makes are now at the fore front of the most technologically advanced developments in the automotive industry, however, what has the BMW company developed is simply unbelievable, that is why we hurry up and share this little piece of information that we have about the most outstanding project ever – GINA Light.

concept car from BMW GINA Light

Image of the concept car from BMW GINA Light

BMW Has Developed a Sled for Bobsleigh

February 7, 2013 at 14:59

It is already widely known to the fans and drivers of the BMW cars that the company is engaging not only into the car development, but it is also cooperation with other organizations for different purposes. That is why today we will present to our readers the news about the new development of the BMW company that is not a car. The company showed a prototype of BMW double sled, which the German company produced at the request of the Federation of Bobsleigh and Skeleton USA.

concept car from BMW

Image of the concept car from BMW

BMW on the Autobahn – Comfort and Safety

February 5, 2013 at 09:12

Many people have heard the phrase – German Autobahn, and without doubt everyone knows that it means speed and long driving on the highway. The main reason it is called in the Germany way is clear – it is situated in Germany, even though the highways are present all over, where BMW is also present. Thus we will talk today about the BMW cars and the Autobahn.

BMW 5-Series car

Picture of the BMW 5-Series car

Presentation of the New Sports Coupe BMW 4 Series in Detroit

February 3, 2013 at 09:54

The BMW company loves to present its new developments at the special events. At the Detroit Auto Show 2013 there was the official presentation of the new sports coupe BMW 4 Series, designed to replace the two-door version of the previous 3-Series BMW car. Thus the drivers willing to buy this model should hurry, because it is all fresh and sound and ready to be ordered by the true lovers of luxury.

Sports Coupe BMW 4 Series

Image of the Sports Coupe BMW 4 Series

Owners of Electric Cars BMW I Will Be Able to Charge Them Easily

February 1, 2013 at 09:22

The modern world keeps on astonishing us with the innovations it brings. Today it is not a secret that the car can move not only on petrol, but also on other sources, like electricity, moreover, this process is getting as easy as possible as well, so that every driver would be able to use their car when and how they want. This is the perfect time and future for the BMW I cars.

BMW i3 concept electric car

Image of the BMW i3 concept electric car