BMW Exhibition of Coupes and Cabrios – Short Trip

March 21, 2013 at 09:59

We will talk now about one of the most interesting expositions of the BMW cars that happened so far this year. And this is no wonder, the exposition of the coupe and cabrio models is simply doomed to success. The exposition is designed so that visitors first encounter convertible BMW Museum model car that is called BMW 327 Sports Coupe and then the BMW 327/28 Sports – one of the most beautiful cars of the prewar era.

silver BMW cabrio

Image of the silver BMW cabrio

Next in the exposition is BMW 502 coupe and convertible of the same model, and BMW 503 coupe, and each of these cars has a character of creation and the German economic miracle of the 1950s. The sixties marked the release of the BMW 3200 CS, developed by the legendary Giuseppe Bertone. Behind this great masterpiece we are followed with the BMW 2000 CS – the first of a family of Neue Klasse (New Class), which became a landmark in the history of the coupe and convertible BMW.

black BMW cabrio car M3

Image of the black BMW cabrio car M3

In the 1970ties rose the star – an elegant BMW 3.0 CSi – his appearance set the stage for the next model, which was to determine the appearance of the first family of BMW 6 Series (1976). Furthermore, the exhibition smoothly flows in nineties of the twentieth century to the models BMW 8 Series, and then to the new millennium and the second family BMW 6 Series. The new BMW 6 Series Coupe and Convertible, the first time presented to the public in 2011, completes the exhibition. This was a small trip over the exhibition of BMW.

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