Presentation of the New Sports Coupe BMW 4 Series in Detroit

February 3, 2013 at 09:54

The BMW company loves to present its new developments at the special events. At the Detroit Auto Show 2013 there was the official presentation of the new sports coupe BMW 4 Series, designed to replace the two-door version of the previous 3-Series BMW car. Thus the drivers willing to buy this model should hurry, because it is all fresh and sound and ready to be ordered by the true lovers of luxury.

Sports Coupe BMW 4 Series

Image of the Sports Coupe BMW 4 Series

As for the exterior of the car, which still has the status of the concept, it is designed in the same style with the exterior design of sedan BMW 3 Series. Unlike the 3-series one the new car has a difference, it is the lack of rear doors. Also to mention new design, “stern” and a more aggressive style of the front end. Fully-LED headlights attracted the attention and a bumper with unusual design and original nose of BMW. Interior of BMW Series Coupe 4 is copied from the interior of sedan BMW 3 Series.

interior of Sports Coupe BMW 4 Series

Photo of the interior of Sports Coupe BMW 4 Series

Official data on power unit of concept is unknown, but according to rumors the car will receive a variety of composition range of engines. It will include a turbocharged petrol engine with 184 hp and gasoline-electric hybrid power plant with total capacity of 340 hp “Charged” version of the model with a label M4 the V “Six” N55 with capacity of 450 hp and torque of about 650 Nm. BMW Series Coupe 4 will be done in both rear wheel drive version as well as with all-wheel drive.

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