Super Los Angeles BMW Auto Show

October 27, 2012 at 12:25

There are a number of big events in northern america starting with, the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show. This auto show is usually held early in January. It is for this reason that, it is lavish. In the year 2000 a great theme was chosen called California Dreamin 2000, where the X5 SAV had its world premiere at this show.

Cool auto shows  image

Cool auto shows image

Detroit is well known as the home of the American car, and the Detroit that takes place in mid-january show features a number of interesting automotive activities, events and exhibition. One of the most important events is the North American Car and Truck of the Year awards, which is patterned just after the respected European Car of the Year Award.

Splendid auto show image

Splendid auto show image

The Barrett-Jackson Auction is well known globally for handling, and show-casing exotic cars. Globally making its name as “The World’s Greatest Classic Car Auction,” the Barrett-Jackson come-together event is held in Scottsdale, Arizona in late January. It is described by the website of the Chicago Auto Show as the largest auto show in the US. It has many world and North American introductions. All together it has almost 1,000 different ,classy and sporty vehicles. It is also known that the Chicago Auto Show has publicly show cased vehicles, more times than any other auto show in the US.

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