BMW-I Series Will Be Sold by Winning Dealers

December 19, 2012 at 05:01

Since the BMW car manufacturers want to release the green cars in the boundaries of their project, many people are awaiting the result. However, the production of green cars will be given only to the few German factories, and among the Eastern European ones, the right to sell the car will receive only those dealers, who win in the special tender.

BMW-I cars series

Image of the BMW-I cars series

The release of “green” cars from the BMW company is aimed not only at the point of selling more cars, but rather at something more socially responsible. Because the development of green cars in BMW is the hope to reduce the overall level of CO2 emissions by the 2020 year. BMW is also thinking on the fact to try collaborating on this project with other German car manufacturers, and if partners will not be found among them, try to work with the foreign ones. According to specialists from the BMW, a new range of cars will help reduce emissions by half compared to the mid 90-ies of the 20 century.

BMW I car

Photo of the BMW I car

The world premiere of the new two-door show car BMW I4 will take place within the international motor show in Los Angeles, which will open at the end of winter in 2013 year: the third representative of the series BMW-I is based on the I3 hatchback and has an electric motor. The cars are promised to be very popular.

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