BMW will make the rival of Tesla Model S

December 25, 2014 at 21:48

Bavarians developed a sedan, unlike all-electric “Tesla” is a hybrid. The part of such a facility will include a gasoline engine and two electric motors. This will keep the rear-wheel drive vehicle architecture. Electric motors will turn the front wheels, gasoline – the rear. It is expected that the range of the pure electric sedan will be about 130 kilometers.
There is no more information about the new member of i-family yet, but according to some sources, in its production finds wide use carbon fiber – BMW is the owner of the plant, which produces the necessary i3 and i8 for components of this material.

BMW Project i-Ready 2018 pics

BMW Project i-Ready 2018 picture

Appearance of the rival of Tesla Model S from the Bavarian car manufacturer of premium class will be made in the style of conceptual Gran Lusso and new generations of 6- and 7 Series. The cost of new items BMW, according to preliminary estimates, will be about $ 100,000 each year the company plans to produce 30 thousand copies of the model.

Tesla Model S  pics

Tesla Model S picture

The recent success of the hybrid supercar i8 recognized magazine Top Gear, giving it the title of “Car of the Year 2014”. Charlie Turner, chief editor of Top Gear, commented: «BMW i8 will go down in automotive history – this car is saying that we are waiting for an exciting future. BMW i8 is impressive – and how! This car, which we should be proud of: a wonderful vision for the future, available today. This resounding success BMW i8 – Top Gear whole team was unanimous in awarding the BMW i8 title of “Car of the Year.”

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