Dates of Production of the New Line of BMW I-Series Car Were Announced

December 1, 2012 at 11:36

Many people are now waiting for the new generations or the new concepts from the famous BMW car manufacturing company. However, the year end period for the company is the time of full assessment of what they were able to accomplish during the year. Therefore, only the dates of the new line of BMW I-series were announced by the company.

white BMW I-Series

Photo of the white BMW I-Series

The Chairman of BMW, Norbert Reithofer, presented an official statement on the date of the start of the production of the new line of cars from the famous i-series. Sub-brand BMW-i, which is responsible for the development of hybrid and electric vehicles, will build a production model at the plant in Leipzig in the next 2013 year.

silver i-series BMW

Photo of the silver model of i-series BMW

We want our readers to recall that at the moment, there is a ready for production BMW i3 electric and hybridmobil i8. Norbert Reithofer did not specify what kind of a car will appear first on the conveyor. Car BMW-i will be available on the market in late 2013. “I” sub-brand car sales will be open at certain car dealerships, for example, in Germany, out of the 200 workers representatives BMW dealers will select 45 centers, which will provide the right to take orders for the i3 and i8.

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