GINA Light from BMW: the New Philosophy

February 9, 2013 at 09:16

The BMW company is never standing at one place, and we and our readers get the proofs of that fact every day by reading the facts that this company is doing. It is no wonder that the German car makes are now at the fore front of the most technologically advanced developments in the automotive industry, however, what has the BMW company developed is simply unbelievable, that is why we hurry up and share this little piece of information that we have about the most outstanding project ever – GINA Light.

concept car from BMW GINA Light

Image of the concept car from BMW GINA Light

The BMW company has, in it essence, created a new concept car. This car is covered with a special skin treated with the high-tech of a special structure that we currently do not know of. This allows the machine to mutate, adapting to environmental conditions and the needs of the owner under this masterpiece of the Bavarian automobile industry. Everyone now wants to know more about this concept car.

rear view of BMW concept GINA car

Photo of the rear view of BMW concept GINA car

GINA Light overturns all established notions of how to have a car. A successful project always arouses the desire. To achieve that car manufacturers create the conditions that allow customers to establish a close relationship with their cars. That’s why designers and drivers seek ways to promote and enhance the identification of people with their car.

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