How BMW Will Show a New Concept Car I4 to the Public

December 23, 2012 at 06:09

The great car concern BMW is not standing in one place in terms of the development, but is also moving ahead. Thus in this article we will give our readers a possibility to learn more about the concept car from BMW – I4. It is a relatively new concept, the work on which had been supported with the substantial research.

BMW Concept Car I4

Image of the BMW Concept Car I4

The new I4 concept is not a simple concept in its primary task, it is rather a prototype which at the same time has a nonstandard body, as it only three doors, not like the I3 version. At the same time, BMW decided to make its concepts little smaller in all the dimensions, as they believe the future lies in the smaller sizes of the vehicles.

Concept BMW I4 with open doors

Photo of the Concept BMW I4 with open doors

The concept will have a rear drive with the charged unit, capable of developing large amounts of energy if compared to the I3 one. At the same time, the car is supposed to create a boom, since it compact representation will trigger the idea of high convenience, which is greatly needed by the costumers of these days and of the futures. At the same time, the distribution of the future concept is already beeing developed for the future sales, at this moment we only know that the major cities will offer this car.

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