Owners of Electric Cars BMW I Will Be Able to Charge Them Easily

February 1, 2013 at 09:22

The modern world keeps on astonishing us with the innovations it brings. Today it is not a secret that the car can move not only on petrol, but also on other sources, like electricity, moreover, this process is getting as easy as possible as well, so that every driver would be able to use their car when and how they want. This is the perfect time and future for the BMW I cars.

BMW i3 concept electric car

Image of the BMW i3 concept electric car

BMW i continues its strategy to create a user-friendly electric cars, as part of which was a long-term partnership agreement with Schneider Electric and electric mobility operator The Mobility House (TMH). The agreement provides possibilities for checking the electrical network in customer homes, supply and installation of the charging station, its maintenance and other services. Thus, the future owners of the BMW i3 and BMW i8 will be able to quickly and safely charge their cars at home or at work.

concept electric car BMW i3

Photo of the concept electric car BMW i3

The purpose of partnerships is to provide convenient and efficient chargers at the time of release of the model BMW i3, that owners can easily recharge the car in his garage. BMW i3, currently is scheduled to end of the 2013, it will be the first vehicle on the market, that was originally designed as a model with an electric drive.

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