The Company BMW Will Present an Updated Roadster BMW Z4

January 9, 2013 at 06:18

Many fans and drivers of the cars from the company BMW know the real capabilities of the company. As the potential of the car reveals itself when the first ride is taken and with every other kilometer is gone through, in such a way the company shows its beauties only to those, who drive their cars, that is why only they are impatiently awaiting for the presentation of the updated roadster from BMW Z4.

Roadster BMW Z4

Image of the Roadster BMW Z4

This famous car has first seen the light not so long ago, but had won the appreciation of many people. The company is going to present an updated roadster BMW Z4, which as we can see by now has received only cosmetic changes to the exterior. However, it is not all what was changed, thus there should be no place for disappointment – among the updates the roadster got the extensive list of options packages. Public debut of the model will be held in January already this new year at the Motor Show in Detroit, and in March, it will reach the official dealers.

silver BMW roadster Z4 2013

Picture of the silver BMW roadster Z4 2013

Externally restyled roadster can be distinguished from its predecessor only by the upgraded headlights which were upgraded with new LED elements, wheels and other different features in the design, like fore example the design of the turn signal repeaters, bordering on the wings.

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