BMW Is Working on a Smart Transmission

March 5, 2013 at 09:19

The new developments at BMW concern are not a new thing, since the company is constantly developing and trying to out-go their main competitors in the car market. Thus almost in every news piece you will be able to find what new this company has developed. In such a way, today we will also look at what came to existence in the company or is still developing for the good of the fans and drivers.

BMW Transmission New car

Image of the BMW Transmission New car

BMW engineers have conceived to create a microcontroller, which will link the transmission of the car with a navigation system, and that, in turn, will be able to tell the most appropriate way to drive to the gear box. The electronic device will take into account several parameters, such as the upcoming descent or ascent, turning radius, the speed limit on a particular area, and transmit information AKP to switch to the optimal gear. Such a system will help to save fuel in the first place.

transmission of BMW cars

Image of the transmission of BMW cars

This system in some of its modification is already used in cars of BMW, these systems enable drivers to select between “Sport”, “Eco” and “Comfort”, but a new device called a “smart power control” would be able to use the navigation and sensors in the front of the car. It is expected that the “smart” transmission will be introduced on the next line of hybrid BMW, including the models i8 and i3.

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