BMW Results of Last Year Compared to Others

January 31, 2013 at 09:29

One does not have to be statistician to understand that the results of the BMW company were simply stunning in the year finished. However, we understand that solo numbers are not saying much, all it clear in the comparison, thus we will show what were the results of other companies, behind the BMW.

BMW M3 new car

Image of the BMW M3 new car

The combined share of the premium segment cars in Europe rose up to 7% in the end of 2012, while in the beginning there was 6.7% (previous year – 5.7%). In the pre-crisis year 2008, the figure was 2.2 percentage points lower. In the fourth quarter of this year the situation stedily rose up, bring the whole statistics up. Premium segment leaders are German brands, and in the first place is a BMW. Sales Bavarian cars have surpassed the result of year 2011 by 33% to reach 37,515 units. Note that in the past, the brand offered to the whole European (not solely German) market only their three major innovations: the next generation 3-series, 6 series Gran Coupe and the redesigned 7 Series sedan.

BMW 114i

Picture of the BMW 114i

Mercedes-Benz was just behind BMW on 79 machines, sales of its passenger cars increased by 29%. New products in this brand appeared much liked, but not as the BMW ones. Audi was the result of 33,512 units (+44%). Other brands – Volvo and Land Rover – middle places are kept 20 364 and 19 043 sold cars respectively. That is why it is clear that with the innovations the BMW has, they took the gold.

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