BMW Will Release up to 20 Front-Drive Models

December 9, 2012 at 03:34

When we talk about the today’s developments, many car concerns are going to the all-wheel drive, while BMW decided to focus mainly on the front-wheel ones. Why it is so, many people wonder, as it is not the best choice for the security, as the control in the all-wheels is much higher. But the BMW had done some research and found out that the road conditions in the Europe favor front-wheel cars.

front of front-wheel drive BMW car

Photo of the front of front-wheel drive BMW car

The appearance of the front-drive BMW cars is not a novelty. Several years ago, in the Bavarian company there were people, who first mention of such a car, and most recently at the Paris Motor Show, the first time we were showed the concept Active Tourer, which will form the basis of the new BMW 1 GT. However, currently we do not have enough information to talk about it in details, though, when we will get to know everything, our readers will be first to know the news.

BMW car front-wheel drive

Image of the BMW car with the front-wheel drive

But, then, how strong will be the turn of the German manufacturer in the front-side of the car, it is hard to imagine. After all, according to the publication Auto Express, the number of front-drive BMW models can make as many as 20 pieces in the next year! This was clearly stated by the BMW board member Ian Robertson.

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