Perfect Ozone friendly BMW hydrogen 7 ride

October 29, 2012 at 18:51

The BMW Hydrogen 7 car, is car that uses hydrogen as gas. By using hydrogen, the ride releases a smaller amount of carbon-dioxide into the environment, hence it’s considered as an environmental friendly vehicle. I’m sure we all know about the ozone layer and the effect of carbon-dioxide on the environment. This great ride has been made in order to allow the combustion of both hydrogen and gasoline, making it a covalent engine.

Excellent BMW-Hydrogen ride 7 image

Excellent BMW-Hydrogen ride 7 image

Unlike most hydrogen powered vehicles, the great BMW Hydrogen 7 has a separate combustion on the inside and this is where hydrogen gets ignited and burned. BMW have declared this ride as the first ever ready hydrogen car. A total of 100 vehicles have been manufactured, in order to test their technology. BMW also says that it chose well respected people to present the vehicle because they are the be best ambassadors.

BMW 7 Hydrogen

sports car BMW 7 Hydrogen photo

As compared to fuel-cell-type vehicles, the BMW Hydrogen 7 uses hydrogen as fuel differently. While in hydrogen mode, the ride injects hydrogen straight into the car’s air intake manifold to be combusted in the engine’s cylinders rather than changing the hydrogen’s energy into electricity to operate electric motors like a fuel cell. The company says this is a more efficient way of using hydrogen.At the touch of a button, the car can switch from hydrogen to gasoline and vice-versal.

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