Special Visual Effect in BMW Advertisings

February 23, 2013 at 09:33

In advertising for cinemas of the cars by BMW German the agency Serviceplan made a creative outplay of one of the phenomena of vision. This is the part of the creative marketing strategy of the company that they are currently developing, as all of the car manufacturers do engage in it. That is why we are going to dive into details on this topic in this article.

black car BMW Flash Projection

Photo of the black car BMW Flash Projection

If you look at the sun and then close your eyes, you can see its bright light footprint. This so-called Afterimage – a phenomenon of visual perception, which consists in the fact that after a long fixation on any bright light source, or after a bright flash, the man continues to see the next image, even if the object had disappeared from view. German creators used the visual post-effects in advertising for movie theaters, the first in the history of the movie with no visible logo. Instead, the logo lights up momentarily flash, which can be seen only with his eyes closed.

BMW Flash Projection advertising

Image from the BMW Flash Projection advertising

That is how the logo of the BMW company appears after the commercial in the minds of the viewers. This is a great step of marketing that the company took, because no one before has used such a thing in the advertising of cars.

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