The Ultimate BMW Z8 convertible driving machine

May 10, 2012 at 14:23

The BMW Z8 is the ultimate roadster car manufactured by one of the world’s largest car brands BMW. It was designed at BMW’s DesignworksUSA in California, by a car designer called Henrik Fisker. Despite the Z8 being a small 2-seater there’s plenty of space, even for someone 5-6 feet tall. The boot is pretty spacious and opens wide enough to get in the normal shopping goods.

Amazing BMW Z8 image

Amazing BMW Z8 convertible image

The car drives really well for a 1.9 and is really pretty much everywhere. The Z07 originally was designed as a styling exercise with the aim of recreating and celebrating the BMW 507. The original Z07 had been designed with production in mind. As a result, practical and controlled considerations make very few necessary changes for the production model.

Great convertible BMW Z8 photo

Great convertible BMW Z8 photo

Usually, to own a BMW Z8, you have to be a member of an exclusive club. A good one can fetch more than half a million dollars. The z8 had all the necessary needs of a true sports car: superior an awesome design, rarity and excellent performance. If you are looking at buying a 2-seater sports car this summer that’s fun, reasonably quick, cool, reliable and fun, buy a BMW Z8 and you’ll surely be satisfied.

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