Toyota Is Preparing a New Supra with BMW

January 27, 2013 at 09:44

For the multinational company like BMW, cooperation with other companies is the way to get a new insight on the market, about which they think they know simply everything. That is why our readers and people loyal to the BMW company should not worry, as they have created a new alliance for the project on the Toyota Supra. After BMW and Toyota introduced the first fruits of cooperation, sound new messages came to the public, but we would give a new side to this situation.

BMW new project car 2013

Image of the BMW new project car 2013

As reported in an interview of Autoblog with the British division of Toyota boss John Williams, the new car will be the successor of the legendary Toyota Supra and, most likely, will be a hybrid, and created in collaboration with BMW. According to him, the new model is going to develop the success that came with the release of Toyota GT86, which was sold out to customers almost immediately: “All that is holding us back – this is a limited number of cars coming to the dealers.”

collaboration between Toyota and BMW companies

Image of the collaboration between Toyota and BMW companies

According to Williams, the new machine should not only embody the advanced technology of Toyota and BMW, but also bear in themselves the “DNA” of such iconic models as the Celica, Supra and MR2. It is clear that the German company will mainly contribute in the engine side of the new car.

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