Sensational BMW X3 suv vehicle

May 12, 2012 at 19:41

The BMW X3 is a small class of sport utility SUV vehicle made by the German car brand BMW since 2003. Just on styling, the newest X3 has a huge improvement over previous versions. It’s more easily curved from nose to tail. Lately, the X3 has satisfied customers with its professionalism and its newly suave styling.

Great BMW X3 suv vehicle

Great BMW X3 suv vehicle image

Currently the X3 is giving enthusiasts something to cheer about with its quick acceleration and control. After the X5, the X3 was the second SUV car produced by BMW as a Sports Activity Vehicle. It has a very powerful engine and is great fun to drive. A great number of buyer love the the power, stir and design of this car. A number of upgrades made, included body bumpers, engine size, interiors material, and suspension.

Out standing bmw X3 suv image

Out standing bmw X3 suv image

Safety features include things such as the normal airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability systems. In Sport mode, drivers of the X3 can customize different levels of stability and control. Late in 2003, when it was first seen, BMW publicly said that it would use a new four-wheel drive system to power it and the X5. This new system marketed was to be called xDrive.

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