BMW X1 – the Bestseller from BMW

January 17, 2013 at 18:14

In the success story of BMW X models there is an inscribed a new chapter. And that is why we decided to share the story with our readers. The start of the model was very prospective and positive, and in fact it was even better than the company itself predicted. For two and a half years, worldwide sales of BMW X1 exceeded 300 thousand cars. Since entering the market in autumn 2009, the first and for a long time – the only model in the compact luxury crossovers gained steadily expanding audience of fans and has won many awards. This is basically due to BMW X the current X models are so popular.

legenday BMW X1 car

Image of the legenday BMW X1 car

The incredible popularity of BMW X1 both in Germany and in many other countries is world has a further proof of the strong attractive force of the concept embodied in the models of BMW X. Compact MPV has entered the market as the fourth representative of the family BMW X, which includes the BMW X3, BMW X5 and BMW X6.

BMW X1 red model

Photo of the BMW X1 red model

Exclusivity BMW X1 was confirmed by numerous national and international awards as the best car of the model, awarded compact SUV BMW X was also for design, dynamic performance and high security. The number of awards are going to increase over time. Thus our readers should not doubt, but rather wait for the news about the popular and legendary BMW X.

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