BMW X1 Will Be a Front-Wheel One in 2017

March 11, 2013 at 09:42

Not so long ago we have touched upon the topic of the new project of the BMW cars company, that it is going to produce the front-wheel drive cars and just few of them, but the whole set of twenty different cars. This is in no denial a remarkable project, but will it be a success, this is what many experts of the car market doubt.

new concept BMW X1

Image of the new concept BMW X1

However, a top manager just said in the interview with the car magazines, that at this very moment, out of the 20 models with the frontal drive that are planned, management approval was received by only 10-12 models and some more are now being reviewed and most probably in the nearest future . The rest of the procedure is yet to be considered. And, quite possibly, as the experts of the competitors say, the solution will not be in favor of front-wheel drive cars, as their efficiency is simply lower than that one of the all-wheel drive cars. But it is known that the platform for all vehicles will be common.

white BMW X1 car

Photo of the white BMW X1 car

As for specific models, among others, will have a new front-wheel drive crossover BMW X1, BMW 1 Series is a new generation, the output of which is scheduled for 2017, and a new roadster that can be called Z2. However, some experts are not that positive about the perspective of the front-wheel drive car so far in the 2017 year, as the technological development is not waiting for no one.

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