BMWi8 in the Movie “Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol”

March 15, 2013 at 12:54

Car manufacturers have long settled in Hollywood and are always waiting for the offers or suggestions to put their cars in the thriller, action, spy movies, chase or a travelogue and other. The cooperation of the car manufacturers and movie directors is always a win-win situation, especially with the BMW cars. The film itself gets a car that looks simply perfect and special, while the manufacturers get a great possibility to market their car and attract new customers.

BMW I8 from Mission Impossible film

Image of BMW I8 from Mission Impossible film

Often, cars or trucks, playing a complementary role are used in helping to emphasize the character of the actors. They do not play a major role in the development of the plot. But there are films in which machines do promote the storyline and play an important role. The BMW car is an embodiment of the character, the reflection of the will and power.

film of the BMW i8

Picture from the film of the BMW i8

After filming the BMW in the new film Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, the company launched a new marketing campaign on the film. It is a good advertisement and spur sales. After all, everyone wants to be at least in something like an action hero, and the new BMWi8 model is helping in that sense. After all, it is a spectacular concept car that cannot be met freely anywhere, and only one look can take the breath away.

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