M-Versions of BMW Will Keep Rear-Wheel Drive

March 13, 2013 at 09:09

Many people who buy their cars enjoy not only the ride they get with BMW, but they also enjoy greatly the fact that they may learn about the mechanics of the car more and thus be even closer with their iron horse. That is why, the fact that the M-versions of the BMW model line will stay as the rear drive ones and will keep the mechanical transmissions has put a lot of attention of the drivers to the news portals.

luxury BMW X5 concept car

Photo of the luxury BMW X5 concept car

The head of the unit that develops the famous cars with the letter M in the title, told the press that the Audi and Mercedes-Benz – will never be the order to the Bavarian brand and will never tell what kind of the drive to install. Love to all-wheel drive of the competitors will force BMW to bring their “true value”.

black BMW M5

Image of the black BMW M5

In the market there are more “hot” cars with all-wheel drive than with the rear one. A good example is the brand Audi, which made a four-wheel drive car of “family resemblances” of its powerful and fast cars of line S and RS. Mercedes-Benz is going to abandon mono-drive models of their cars from AMG, but more and more are issued under this sub-brand models that are available in all-wheel drive version. Nitshke Friedrich, the head of M Gmbh, recently told British reporters that BMW has no plans to turn their legendary M3 and M5 models of the BMW into the all-wheel drive ones.

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