Meet the BMW 4 Series Coupe with M-package

December 7, 2012 at 03:16

Since the developments of the car can take some time, it is necessary for the developers to make sure that no information leaks out to the competitors, especially in the time of testing it is also important, as the photo-car-spies are also interested in taking the photos and selling them to the public. Photographers captured the BMW 4 Series Coupe with M-package. As the preliminary study of the kit showed, the car is very impressive and includes alloy rims, new bumpers and brakes from M Sport.

BMW 4 Series Coupe M-package

Image of BMW 4 Series Coupe with M-package

It is known that the new generation coupe and convertible of the BMW will be called 4 Series. However, the visual data of updates was not enough, as earlier test models were carefully camouflaged. Photo-spies managed to capture BMW 4 Series Coupe with M-package with almost no film. Judging by the pictures, BMW 4 Series will be stockier, with changed line and window coupe. Rather, head optics will be the same as that of the other members of the family of BMW 3 Series the last generation. Gamma motor will also be unified with the BMW 3 Series.

BMW 3 Series Couper M-packet

Photo of the BMW 3 Series Couper M-packet

A prototype of new items will be presented at the motor show in Detroit, and mass production of this coupe will begin in the summer 2013. Convertible is going to start production not earlier than autumn 2013, even though costumers wait mainly for it.

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