Official Photos of BMW GT 3 Series Appeared on the Web

February 21, 2013 at 09:59

Not may fans do know the fact the Version 3 GT will be in such a way not the first time the company set the work over the model. As the Bavarian brand had a lot of plans to start the production of 3 Series car not in the ordinary style, but rather as the hatch back model, they went through trial and error to see how it works. The first time when the company tried to release the model was so long ago, and the first to see was the Compact model, but it was not worth it of the investments and the means put into it. But in the situation the company is now with their new 3-Series, the can feel fairly optimistic and quite enthusiastic about the future.

BMW 3-Series Hatchback

Image of the BMW 3-Series Hatchback

Most probably the new car will be raveled at the Geneva Motor Show in March. A four-wheel drive version of the car will be offered, it is already a well-known fact. Interesting is that the officials of the company still do not want to say that the pictures surfing the internet are of the real GT 3-Series BMW, they only deny all the clues people put out.

side view of BMW 3-Series

Image of the side view of BMW 3-Series

Some changes will be made as the process goes through, because the hatch back model will have more space, it will be possible to change the interior in favor for the convenience of the driver.

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