Electric Concept BMW C Evolution Will Debut in a Few Days

December 15, 2012 at 06:34

As the fans of the BMW company clearly know, the company specializes not only on the cars, but also on the various other type of vehicles, the naming of which would take us forever. This is great, that the company can be that flexible, gaining the expertise in such a way from different sources and putting them together at some point to give us the excellent product. That is why today we are going to talk about the motorcycles from BMW.

BMW C evolution motocycle

Photo of the BMW C evolution motocycle

The company BMW will introduce its innovative concept vehicles of the future on the Paris Motor Show, which opens this week eventually in Paris. Novelty called C evolution will be shown to the public for the fist time there. Electric drive prototype provides driving performance of the typical for maxi-scooter might and with a conventional internal combustion engine.

scooter concept BMW C Evolution

Image of the scooter concept BMW C Evolution

Thanks to a liquid-cooled electric motor that has a constant of 11 kW and a peak maximum power of 35 kW, this scooter guarantees exclusive for its segment driving pleasure. Compact battery provides a range of over 100 km away, and it can be recharged either from a household socket or to the charging station. Interestingly, the BMW C Evolution is close to series production: the scooter may be on sale in Europe during 2013.

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