BMW and Daimler are developing wireless charging stations for electric vehicles and hybrids

November 3, 2014 at 16:03

Concern BMW and Daimler are jointly to developing Wireless Charging System. Between enterprises is already signed an agreement providing for the development of infrastructure and for a single standard for new charging systems. The work technology of the wireless service stations is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The complex, including the power of 3.6 kW and efficiency of 90%, consists of two induction coils.

BMW Working on Wireless Charging Technology

wireless charging stations for electric vehicles and hybrids

The transmitting coil is placed on the ground and the receiving one – in the car. An alternating current, which creates a non-static electromagnetic field (EMF) is also required. When it changes it becomes possible to transmit electricity “by air”. The new station will be able to charge the battery of a hybrid car in about three hours. In the future they plan to increase the capacity to seven kilowatts and to reduce considerably the charging time. This sophisticated charging station will be available also for home use.

BMW Working on Wireless Charging Technology

Daimler, BMW Jointly Developing Wireless Charging System

Currently a real working prototype of the new system is already created. For example you can fully charge the battery of BMW i8 less than a couple hours. According to the company, Wireless Charging complexes will appear in the series “in the medium term.”

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