BMW canceled the premiere of hydrogen car

February 10, 2015 at 16:53

The Bavarian company was intrigued by the sudden cancellation of the debut of the car on fuel cells. At first the Germans officially announced the premiere of the concept of hydrogen car during the International Auto Show in Detroit, but after a while removed mention of the cars from the press release. Reasons of the “cancel” is not called. According to rumors, the company plans to increase the capacity of Toyota.
In the first version of the press release, BMW did not call the detailed characteristics of the concept car with hydrogen fuel cells, limiting statement that it would be “the first result of a collaboration with Toyota» and noted that the whole fuel system is based on the work of the Japanese, but adapted to the specificity cars BMW.

BMW hydrogen car pics

BMW hydrogen car picture

Apparently in the BMW will continue to refine the systems that Toyota has already started to be used in the production version of the model Mirai. It is expected that the first hydrogen car BMW will be known as i5 and will be presented next year at one of the major auto.

BMW i5 pics

BMW i5 picture

At the same time the Japanese brand continues to declassify information on MIRAI precisely metered portions. In particular, it became known that the curb weight of the car – 1850 kg, and the acceleration time from 0 to 97 km / h at hydrogen vehicle is 9 seconds. Maximum mileage from one filling on the Japanese JC08 test method is 650 km, while for the US – only 483 kilometers.

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