BMW has equipped the M4 coupe with water injection system

February 22, 2015 at 17:53

The Bavarian company unveiled the updated version of the pace car M4, which will be used in the upcoming season racing series MotoGP. The engine is equipped with new items injection water, which comes from the five-liter tank in the luggage compartment. This solution allows increasing engine performance and reducing fuel consumption.
Especially for the start of the new season of the world championship motorcycle racing in Moto GP, BMW has prepared an updated safety car, based on the standard version of the M4. The main feature of this car with the three-liter twin-turbo “six” is a system of water injection. The liquid is stored in a special 5-liter tank and a luggage compartment with a pump pressure of 10 bar is injected through the intake manifold injector.

BMW M4 picture

BMW M4 pics

The number of injected water is constantly monitored and engine control electronics depends on engine speed and temperature of the power unit. In BMW note that this decision prolongs the service operation of the motor, as well as increases the power and stability of his work.

BMW M4 image

BMW M4 pics

For one, the “battle” upgraded M4 arrival requires full refill the water tank, and when a quiet mode of operation it is enough to fill every five refills the tank of gasoline. In the future, the same technology will appear on conventional production cars of the brand, but how fast this happens, the manufacturer has not yet reported.

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