BMW has new option for fans of extreme movies

April 7, 2015 at 13:15

Cars Bavarian manufacturer has historically famous racing character, especially M-model family. Therefore, there are many fans among the owners of track days and sporty driving. Apparently, for these people, and designed a new accessory, which may soon start offering dealers BMW.

BMW m3 racing car pics

BMW m3 racing car image

Information on unusual options, which may be preparing the Bavarian automaker, posted in the forum fans of the brand, Bimmerpost site with reference to the electronic parts catalog Electronik Teile Katalog. These include special brand fasteners for Action Cameras GoPro, with which the camera can be mounted on the front bumper or in a chair between the backrest and head restraint.
Judge by the images in the first case mount for the camera is screwed into the hole for the towing eye. This is a more reliable option than a sucker for the body, which usually have a camera.

BMW racing car picture

BMW racing car pics

According to the author, the manufacturer has not yet disclosed to any specific models is a new option – in the catalog. There are no data or serial numbers. However, in all likelihood, it is primarily an M-family.
Brand fasteners obviously will appeal to active participants in track days – in recent years, many record checks on the camera installed on the machine. The resulting “board video” allows you to explore in a relaxed atmosphere made in the course of arrival error. Well, or just show off to friends.

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