BMW Has Patented a 7-Step Mechanics

January 7, 2013 at 06:10

As the report of the world economics say, the biggest number of patents has been registered in the car manufacturing, if we skip the health industry. In such a way, you can imagine what it means for the car manufacturers to be unique even in the smallest features. On the Internet, there were already posted some photos of the patent of application BMW, which clearly shows the desire to patent the technology of the Bavarians concerning the seven-speed gearbox. In the pictures we were able to see the special design of the gear stick. Therefore this article is concerning the patent of the BMW coma\pany.

BMW 7-gear box

Image of the BMW 7-gear box

BMW has come up with a good solution on the location of the seventh transfer. The driver will be sufficient to take the lever to the right, and it will be convenient to switch back to the sixth gear. Reverse gear is located in the opposite side of the seventh transfer, that is, to take gear lever to the left. This decision of the Bavarians is also quite ergonomic, because now the confusion with the first reverse gear will be almost impossible.

new 7-speed BMW gear box 2013

Photo of the new 7-speed BMW gear box 2013

Note that BMW is not the first company to come up with a seven-speed transmission. Pioneer discovery was made by another German company Porsche. Last year, the 911 equipped with a 7-speed manual transmission. However the special design was made by the BMW company and they were quick and smart to decide to patent it.

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