BMW i3 can park without a driver

January 2, 2015 at 22:43

Developed by BMW the remote parking system uses high-precision lasers and 3D display position of the vehicle instead of the standard methods of GPS, to find a free parking space without the driver. At the beginning of the next month at the International CES in Las Vegas, BMW plans to demonstrate a new technology that is aimed at one of the most common problems: the search for a parking space, and in fact the process of it. After all, in busy metropolitan areas is very important to follow the maneuvers during parking, other drivers providing enough space for your car.
Remote parking system from BMW will allow owners of their cars just to get out of it and allow it to find a parking space, whether it is a one-storey car park or multi-storey building.

BMW i3 pics

BMW i3 picture

The automaker equipped models i3 with laser scanners, which, coordinates along with digital satellite, will allow the car to find for it and proceed to the space, avoiding any obstacles.

BMW i3 pics

BMW i3 image

Experimental models i3 use its laser scanners to draw a three-dimensional picture of the route and parking, considering collisions with other vehicles or people. The same system is provided that if the owner of the car will send a voice command through the SmartWatch, then after that it will return the machine to pick up the owner. However, it is worth noting that the system does not rely on GPS signals. GPS is not able to determine the layout of infrastructure and parking inside.

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