BMW Is More Profitable Than Mercedes

January 11, 2013 at 06:00

Many fans of the BMW concern have never liked and never will be the Mercedes concern. Even being both from the German land, they are still competing and doing that quite fiercely. Thus today we will answer to the most interesting question of in fact those both companies – which one is more profitable – BMW or Mercedes.

BMW V8-Powered GT-21

Image of the BMW V8-Powered GT-21

In the BMW’s market capitalization compared with just 42.2 billion in Daimler rose to 45 billion euros and this is the fact of the 2012 year. Investors doubt that the leadership of the latter will be able to close the gap on the competition between Mercedes and BMW. Specialists in this field, consider the following: if you take away the market capitalization of the price of its Mercedes division producing trucks – almost 20 billion euros, investors evaluate Mercedes at 22 billion euros, which is less than half the cost by BMW. While BMW does not produce trucks.

white BMW car 2013

Photo of the white BMW car 2013

According to Bloomberg, in the eleven months of this year, sales of the BMW reached the level of 1.39 million vehicles, while sales of Mercedes were 1.19 million vehicles. The difference was 193 400 vehicles. Over the same time period in 2011, this value was at the level of 115 700 vehicles. Based on this information, the analysts concluded that the profit from the sale of BMW cars brings more profits from the sale of Daimler and trucks and passenger cars, which is very important for investors.

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