BMW is planning to expand the line of eco-friendly models

January 8, 2015 at 13:14

Among the eco-friendly i-models of BMW, is likely to enter a hybrid sedan, which will be called the BMW i5 or BMW i7.
Automobile edition reports that the novelty will be constructed on the basis of an extended version of the BMW 5 Series, which since 2011 is available for the car market of China. As for the technical stuffing, the car will be similar to the BMW i8 power plant, based on – a 1.5-liter 231-horsepower gasoline unit. The unit sedan will not one, but two electric motors: the main will be placed on the rear axle and the auxiliary together with ICE – on the front. Set of batteries will be installed in the floor of the car. Thus, the car will be able to alternate the fully electric front and rear-wheel drive depending on the traffic situation. When necessary torque is supplied to all the wheels, and in this case, the electric machine will work with the engine. The car will be able to pure electric drive up to 130 km.

BMW eco-friendly model pics

BMW eco-friendly model picture

As for the exterior, the hybrid sedan will combine style of four-door the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe current generation BMW 7 Series and the next generation.

BMW eco-friendly model pics

BMW eco-friendly model image

The debut of a prototype hybrid is scheduled for 2017, and the series sedan – 2018. It is planned to produce up to 30,000 cars per year, with the main markets are China and the United States.

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