BMW May Refuse to Develop V12 Engines

January 13, 2013 at 06:48

As we know the car manufacturers are now at the fore stand of the development of a new engine, which is promised to be more powerful and with bigger capacity. All of our readers already know that we are talking about the V12 power unit. Some other German manufacturers already are making the papers for the patent , but the BMW company may even refuse to develop such an engine. About this we will talk in today’s article.

BMW car 2013 with V12

Image of the BMW car 2013 with V12

The place of the potential BMW V12 power unit on the next generation of the BMW 7 Series can take a triple turbo V8. Until the final decision is made, the chances of maintaining the line BMW 760 models remain. Skeptics say that not even a triple turbo will compensate for the additional four cylinders. Even though the number of cylinders in the triple turbo will be more than 12, it does not mean that the power of going through parts of the motor will be as equal as developed in just one unit.

two BMW cars with V12

Picture of the two BMW cars with V12

In the BMW they are thinking about the refusal of one of the shrines – engine V12. In the next generation flagship 7 Series its place under the hood can give a more economical and efficient turbocharged V8 with a triple division. So the company thinks it is going to be more efficient. The triple engines have already appeared in the line of the Bavarian manufacturer. As long as they are only present in the form of diesel “sixes”, but then, of course, their numbers will grow.

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