BMW on the Autobahn – Comfort and Safety

February 5, 2013 at 09:12

Many people have heard the phrase – German Autobahn, and without doubt everyone knows that it means speed and long driving on the highway. The main reason it is called in the Germany way is clear – it is situated in Germany, even though the highways are present all over, where BMW is also present. Thus we will talk today about the BMW cars and the Autobahn.

BMW 5-Series car

Picture of the BMW 5-Series car

BMW engineers continue to develop a “second electronic pilot”, with which the automatic control in special situations will be available. As an experimental model of car specialists use the 5 Series Sedan. The car is equipped with intelligent software functions and systems of review of the surrounding space. Activation of the entire complex is made by pressing a single button, and then clicks on the automatic self-gas or brake depending on the situation on the road. This mode operates at speeds up to 130 km/h.

new BMW car on the autobahn

Picture of the new BMW car on the autobahn

A9 highway, leading from Munich to Nuremberg is a track with high traffic volume. Experiencing the latest systems, Nico Kempfhen, Head of Automation movement overcame in test mode for more than 5,000 kilometers of roads. He and his colleagues note unusually comfortable control of the car in any situation. In a few minutes the driver begins to trust the car.

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