BMW Owners Have Sex More Often Than Owners of Other Brands

January 19, 2013 at 07:25

After the investigation by the magazine «Men’s Car », the results of which were published recently, we decided to share the news with the fans and drivers, as it might be that the information talks about them. So, the results of the research made it clear that the owners of BMW cars have sex more often than car drivers of other brands. On average, men aged 20-50 years, who go and move with the use of the Bavarian cars, indulge in amorous pleasures 2.2 times a week, as the RBC reports. Several worse for those who travel on the Audi (2,1 times a week). Next in descending order: Volkswagen (1,9 times), Ford (1,7 times) and Mercedes-Benz (1.6 times).

BMW M5 model

Image of the BMW M5 model

Surprisingly, the least likely to have sex are those who are sitting behind the wheel of Porsche. Despite the steepness of these cars, Porsche sports owners make love only 1.4 times a week. According to experts, most likely, this is due not to the fact that people buy Porsche have no male power. Porsche usually buy just old people who are over 40-45 years or more. Thus the target market of BMW covers men in their full age and strength.

black BMW car

Photo of the black BMW car

As for women, the best situation is for those who ride on the French cars and Audi, – they make love 2.1 times a week. But the ladies at BMW in bed is not as active as their male counterparts – every 7 days they have sex 1.9 times.

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