BMW showed its almighty autopilot

April 4, 2015 at 14:27

At the Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas, BMW showed the new system active driver assistance, which interferes with the control of the car in difficult situations and helps to avoid a collision with an obstacle. In addition, the electronics can even drive the car in a controlled slide to the desired path.
The BMW Group has released a video in which the champion Dai Yoshihara Drift competes with their machine on autopilot. The main task is not to leave the counting range. And competitive surface completely different: drifter rides a dry tar and autopilot – wet asphalt.

BMW unmanned car picture

BMW unmanned car pics

Prototype car with the system active driver assistance BMW revealed back in 2014. Then autopilot at high speed and without the driver has fulfilled the «snake», drove in the race pace on the track and keeps the car in a controlled drift.
The technology is being tested on two prototypes built on the basis four-door 6-Series Gran Coupe and Coupe 2-Series. According to the Bavarian brand electronics is able to completely manage the steering, accelerator and brake.

BMW unmanned car pics

BMW unmanned car image

Prototypes followed by a pre-selected direction, but it always takes account of various factors and circumstances, just as it does a professional pilot.
In BMW released video shows the prototype performs “snake” at high speed without the driver rides the track in race pace itself and keeps the car in a controlled drift.

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