BMW showed the most powerful hybrid Power eDrive

December 19, 2014 at 23:31

As part of the annual event BMW Group Innovation Days engineers of the company told about the new hybrid powertrains, which will be the most powerful in the history of the brand. Prototype is based on the model 5-Series GT is equipped with a hybrid power plant with total capacity of 500 kW, which is equivalent to 680 horse powers. The car has its arsenal of three engines – two-liter petrol 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo capacity of 230 hp and two electric motors. One of them is mounted on the rear axle (205 hp), And the other is located in a block with DIC (270 hp).

BMW  hybrid Power eDrive pics

BMW hybrid Power eDrive picture

The structure of the power plant is also a part of Kit lithium-ion battery with capacity of 20 kWh. Some of them are located in the center tunnel, and the other set beneath the rear seat row. As a result of such arrangement tank volume reduced to 70 to 30 liters.

BMW  hybrid Power eDrive image

BMW hybrid Power eDrive pics

According to the creators, the hybrid will be driven by the rear electric motor and, if necessary, for example, for an intensive acceleration, it will be possible to use the front electric motor and internal combustion engines, causing the car will get all-wheel drive. The prototype is capable of pure electric drive up to 100 km. With a combined operation of the unit power the reserve increases up to 595 km.

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