BMW will develop F18 PHEV a rival Tesla Model S

May 15, 2015 at 14:09

The BMW Group plans to develop the rival electric Tesla Model S. The novelty is constructed on the platform of the new generation 5-Series with increased wheelbase to install the battery. Perhaps prototype car will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show.
According to preliminary information, the car will be called F18 PHEV. Unlike the Tesla Model S, which is an all-electric car, the novelty of the German brand will get a hybrid powerplant. F18 PHEV will be quipped with a gasoline engine (245 hp), a six-speed manual transmission and two electric motors (204 hp and 95 hp). The total capacity of the car will make 544 horsepower.

BMW F18 PHEV picture

BMW F18 PHEV pics

Earlier, it was reported that BMW is planning a massive electrification of all models. Cars will have a hybrid or fully electric motors running on version. The company’s goal is to reach average CO2 emissions of 95 g / km by 2020.

BMW F18 PHEV pics

BMW F18 PHEV image

Especially for this the BMW Group in cooperation with Daimler began developing wireless chargers for electric and hybrid vehicles. The speed of the new car battery charging technology will not yield to cable counterparts, but surpass them in terms of convenience of use.

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