BMW Will Pay $30000 for the Idea of the Future Car

March 3, 2013 at 09:55

All the car manufacturers are now engaging into the production of the production of the future cars, and this is not a wonder, because we are standing on the threshold of the new era in the car industry with all the eco engines, special boost parts and green units. Therefore, to make it all more interesting and appealing for the population, BMW has asked for help in the development of the car of the future. The prize fund is 30 thousand dollars, and this is not a joke, the most interesting concept will be awarded with that price.

new BMW X coupe concept

Image of the new BMW X coupe concept

BMW in 2025 is going to radically change the usual notion of premium cars. In the nearest future, the automaker will introduce new technologies that may be suitable for consumers in ten years. To implement the planned project, BMW asks for help from consumers present.

new Tron-Like BMW car

Image of the new Tron-Like BMW car

Bavarians announced respective contest that will take suggestions on the topic of advanced vision of technologies that could improve driving pleasure of the premium cars. As a present, the winner or group of winners will receive $ 30 000, and will also honored with a meeting with the leaders of the research department of BMW Group in Munich. The first results of the competition from BMW will be announced next month. The second phase will take place in the months to follow.

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