BMW will release a serial car on hydrogen

January 10, 2015 at 13:21

German automaker in this matter will work closely with one of the Japanese automakers.
The BMW Group continues to actively work to create a car that runs on hydrogen fuel cells. The Head of Sales and Marketing Ian Robertson soon will begin the test of new items. It is noted that the car will be released in a limited edition. But the timing of its debut has not yet announced.
The company notes that the release of hydrogen car will be part of the program of cooperation with Toyota. The car will receive components from Toyota Mirai. Recall that in early August it became known that the electric car BMW i3 will receive a version that runs on hydrogen fuel cells. The new modification of the car may appear in 2016.

BMW H2R Hydrogen Racecar pics

BMW H2R Hydrogen Racecar image

Recall that recently in Japan electric Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell began selling. The cost of new items is 7,230,000 yen (60,700 dollars), the government compensates for approximately one third of this amount – in the form of a subsidy of 17 thousand dollars to each buyer of the car.

BMW H2R Hydrogen Racecar pics

BMW H2R Hydrogen Racecar picture

In addition, holders available around the clock free roadside assistance, as well as an eight-year warranty on the motor and fuel cells. The only product of the power plant Mirai is water – no harmful substances are released into the atmosphere.

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