BMW Z1 Project Car Is Exclusive!

March 7, 2013 at 09:10

Today in the article we are going to discuss the developing great project under the brand of BMW cars. We are pretty sure that all of you already know that we are going to be talking about the BMW Z1 project. Some interesting details opened to us, as we have been searching for the new up-dates from the action place of the company that we want to share them with you. Once again, this is not a simple project, under which there will be different cars developed, it is something much bigger than that.

painted BMW Z1 car

Image of the painted BMW Z1 car

We have to note that the results so far of the project outnumber what has been expected by the company. In the process of creation of the car company has received several patents for new technologies, which is already great, as they can call their car to be a the forefront of the technical development era. According to the developer Harm Lagaay, in particular, «Z1» project cars were equipped with the optimized technology of xenon lamps, integrated frame door mechanism and tray. This is totally new elements used in the car industry.

person driving BMW Z1

Photo of the person driving BMW Z1

The car was produced only for the period of 3 years, but the different research and development process are still being done. The model can be attributed to an exclusive, because it was released in a very small edition – only 8000 copies.

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