Crossover BMW X2 will be released in 2017

June 28, 2015 at 18:47

The guide of the German company BMW gave the “green light” for the development of a new sports crossover called X2, reports Autocar. Car release is scheduled for 2017. The public will be held at the premiere of one of the world’s auto in the next year.

BMW X2 picture

BMW X2 pics

The car will be built on the X1 of 2015 model year, and the design will be made on the basis of “senior” X4 and X6. Also, like the X1, X2 will be at the heart of the new platform UKL, the same on which built MINI Cooper and BMW 2-Series Active Tourer. This means that it is possible, in the base car will be front-wheel and all-wheel drive is available as an option.
The car will be offered in both three- and five-door in the set. The range of engines will likely to be close to the X1, it will include a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with 184 or 231 horsepower, as well as diesel engine capacity of 2.0 liters and output of 150 horsepower.

BMW X2 pics

BMW X2 image

It is also possible the emergence of a hybrid version, hybrid technology platform UKL was introduced another concept Active Tourer, where the front wheels are driven by a 1.5-liter internal combustion engines and rear-wheel drive was driven by an electric motor.

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