Lampposts will charge BMW electric vehicles

December 7, 2014 at 22:35

German automaker BMW introduced the system of Light and Charge, which will be the usual lamppost filling stations for electric vehicles. The system consists of four LED modules. If necessary, LED-elements may also cover the side of the road, where there will be a car. Furthermore, embodiments of the lighting can be changed. The company says that these lampposts will have very high efficiency and low power consumption. In addition, the pillars will have the opportunity to become a station for recharging electric vehicles. The first samples will be installed next year in the German city of Munich, where the headquarters of the group. In addition, near the headquarters there are already two of these columns available. These stations can already take advantage of the owners of cars with electric motors, as the station has standard connectors.

BMW i8  pics

BMW i8 picture

The truth while in the BMW did not report the cost and the time to recharge. If we talk about the range of electric company, the BMW i3 is a model and i8.

BMW i3 pics

BMW i3 picture

The hatchback i3 has an electric motor with a capacity of 170 horsepower capable to drive 160 miles without recharging. The coupe i8 is equipped with a hybrid setup with a capacity of 362 horsepower. Such a model can travel without recharging 600 kilometers.

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