New BMW 7-Series Part II spy photos

November 27, 2014 at 23:21

BMW is planning to introduce a new generation 7-Series sedan in the fall of next year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The flagship model will be built on a new modular platform and can get “charged” version, and especially luxury long-wheelbase modification. The car will be built on a new platform, called «35up». Most likely, it is a twelve-cylinder engine will be powered by a completely new version of the BMW 7-Series with the longest wheelbase, from which the Bavarians are going to make a rival Mercedes-Benz S-Class made by Maybach.

new BMW 7-Series pics

new BMW 7-Series image

As the result, the new model “Seven” will get the scan system of the roadway. It is similar to those which are used on the S-Class. This system is capable of tracking coverage front of the car and adapting in advance its suspension characteristics.

new BMW 7-Series  pics

new BMW 7-Series picture

As for the sports modification which is rumored to still obtain the designation of M7, then it is prepared the forced variant 4.4-liter V8 from the BMW M5. The new “Charged” Executive sedan will have at its disposal about 600 horse powers.
Expected to acquire a new generation of the BMW 7-Series can be no earlier than the beginning of 2016.

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