Spectacular, hot BMW racing cars

May 2, 2012 at 19:25

The BMW M5 is an excellent performance version of the BMW 5-Series executive car. Its arguably the worlds best saloon car at the moment. The bmw m5 is well know globally for its stability, speed, power and beauty. With the settings in full track mode, the bmw m5 can smoke all day long, drift and do what racers love to do the most, that is race.

The magnificent and mean  bmw m5 image

The magnificent and mean bmw m5 image

Under the bonnet, the new m5 has a V-8 engine. It also has a few new additions like the 7speed double clutch gear box and wears 90 kilograms more than the old one. It also has 2 turbo charges which gives it 552 break horse power. It was produced at BMW M GmbH in Garching, Germany and was fully hand-built. In 1984 bmw extracted an engine from the m1 and the original m5 was born.

Awesome Bmw M5 prototype photo

Awesome Bmw M5 prototype photo

The new m5 costs 73000 pounds,and clearly its worth it.i think, bmw will have a problem trying to replace the new m5 because its already super brilliant. Fortunately, BMW has put hydraulic power steering for the new M5, unlike the old one which is installed with the electric power-steering system that’s in use on most other 5-series models. That is good news for drivers because the driver needs to provide only a small amount of energy to steer regardless of conditions.

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