The BMW Сompany introduced a convertible 2 Series

April 17, 2015 at 15:51

The BMW Group presented the new convertible 2nd Series. It has been developed in two body versions – with a folding roof made of genuine leather, and metal roof non-removable.
Managers BMW introduced a new model convertible 2nd series. As expected, the car has a stylish design that distinguishes it from other brands.

BMW 2 Series picture

BMW 2 Series pics

The body has a large wheel arches, long hood, and shifted back parlor. The car features a wider track and a large wheelbase. Compared with its predecessor novelties body is long, and the size of the wheelbase has been increased by 30 mm, which in the end was 2690 mm. The rear and front track are increased respectively by 41 and 43 mm.

BMW 2 Series pics

BMW 2 Series image

This new product features a rear-wheel drive, it leaves him without competitors. The new model has retained the succession in some parts of the interior with the prior generation of convertibles BMW.

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