The Famous M-division of BMW Celebrated its 40th Anniversary

January 5, 2013 at 05:46

Every fan of the BMW cars and company knows that the company is not just a simple car manufacturer, it is a complex system, which is not simply producing cars, but it is rather making the whole culture of BMW. It means that the company has a very wide range of cars and other types of vehicles, and not only that it has multiple divisions, and so today’s news will be about the anniversary of the M-division of BMW.

BMW cooper blue 2013

Image of the BMW cooper blue 2013

In the early 70’s of the last century, the German manufacturer BMW has decided to create a subsidiary that would be responsible for the development of the new products, it was a decision which followed their progress through motorsport. A new division called BMW Motorsport GmbH. That is where the M-division abbreviation came from.

logo of the Bmw M Division

Image of the logo of the Bmw M Division

Any company has the same structure as a person. If he is to exercise regularly, and is smart and willing, it affects its performance in better way. Therefore we see in sports driving force of the company BMW, and that will help us to develop dynamically in big business. We consider it reasonable to participate in various competitions in motorsports, and thus form a completely new image of BMW »- these are the words of a member of the Board of the Bavarian manufacturer Robert Lutz, which he delivered in 1972 at the launch of M-division.

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