The new BMW 6 Series will become more powerful and easier

December 29, 2014 at 22:29

There are a few years before the release of a completely new generation of the BMW 6 Series, but some information is already seeping into the network.
Recently we wrote about the restyling of the family of the BMW 6-series, and a brand new car will appear only in 2017. On the exterior it is too early to judge, it is not yet fully approved, and the image above is only a fantasy. But precisely it can be argued that the new “six” receive the latest platform 35up, which is preparing to debut a new generation 7 Series.
The new platform is characterized by reduced weight, and it is expected that the BMW 6-series will feel better: if the current machine has a curb weight of about 1840 kg, the new “lose weight” to 1580-1600 kg. Relief provided by the extensive use of aluminum, magnesium, titanium and carbon fiber.

new BMW 6 Series pics

new BMW 6 Series picture

Coupe and convertible will be a little smaller by reducing the overhang. But the four-door BMW 6 Gran Coupe is expected to be slightly larger than the present to compete with Porsche Panamera and Mercedes CLS.

new BMW 6 Series pics

new BMW 6 Series image

Motor range will overlap with the limousine BMW 7-series, except for other settings. It is expected that the basic three-liter “six” will give out 350 hp V8 4.4 engine will get 475 hp and a top model M6 will get 600 hp, as the jubilee sedan BMW M5. In addition, the new BMW M6 will be as posterior and all-wheel drive and an aerodynamic body kit will add to the active elements.

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